What we do

Biobanks are essential structures for the development of translational research in Belgium. After having illustrated the main bottlenecks associated within biobanks, it seems inevitable to optimize the operating modes of these infrastructures, on the one hand to meet the needs of researchers and on the other hand to ensure their sustainability.

The implementation of a dynamic strategy to anticipate the needs of users is mandatory and based on new modes of operations. Defining a strategy for biobanks to make their collections available to, searchable and used by researchers is instrumental to the fulfillment of the promise of translational research and precision medicine.


Our solutions:

At BWB, we have looked at some solutions to overcome all these challenges, as illustrated below:




Our milestones:

To reach our missions, we have settled 5 pivotal milestones:



Briefly, BWB manages the virtual catalog of samples kept by the participating biobanks. Researchers can access it to find easily where the needed biospecimens can be found. BWB brings them also in contact with the biobank managers in order to facilitate the supply of the requirement material. Thanks to our network we can also help you to find an appropriate solution for requests that cannot be satisfied within banked collections. BWB ensures as well that the necessary approval has been obtained by the Ethical Committee.

Our services benefit to Big Pharma, pharmaceutical, biotech, in vitro diagnostics and big data companies, and academia. Our task is to support biomedical research for the benefit of patients by providing high-quality specimens - among others: blood, sera, tissues (fresh, frozen or FFEP), urine, saliva...- and associated medical and biomolecular data compliant with international quality standards and regulations - so they can be used in a truthful and reproducible manner to leverage your research or to pursue the development of your in vitro diagnostic or laboratory-developed tests peacefully.