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As a member of the BBMRI-ERIC and and being an active player through its members within different activities related to ELSI (Ethic, Legal, Societl Issues), Quality and IT, BWB acquired a solid knowledge to develop a computer tool that will meet the legal, ethical and privacy requirements, but will also allow end-users to get an easy, simple and direct access to existing biospecimen collections.

In addition, this active participation in all working groups allows BWB to follow the BBMRI-ERIC strategy and adapt it to its network needs.

In fine, BWB manages a tool to share aggregate information about human samples and their associated data hosted by the biobanks that are partners.


About our catalog

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We deliver more than just human biospecimen samples:


Our data set model:


MIABIS represents the minimum information required to initiate collaborations between biobanks and to enable the exchange of biological samples and data. Our datasets cover the various biobanking processes from sampling to retrieval and propose a common language to describe preanalytical attributes of samples and also includes some health related data required for initial queries of suitable biospecimen samples.


To realize our online tool, BWB solicited the best existing sofware solutions on the market regarding the BIMS (Biobank Information Management System) and for centralised sharing of biospecimens data from our multiple biobanks, which are illustrated below:

How to access our catalog

There are 2 possibilties to get access to our online catalog: via eID (for Belgian residents) or via Yubikey (for european/international countries).


Easy access to our online searchable database:


Please contact us for more information about these 2 procedures, how to proceed in either way, or for any additional information you would like to get from us. 



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Our online database tool will help you to search for sample/data sets that fit-to-your purpose. 

Our front-office simplifies communication, streamlines internal approval processes and eases your access to high-quality biospecimen samples. You are in one-clic away from visiting our catalog.




Please, contact us if you do not find what you are looking for. A catalog is a Kodak picture of what we have in stock, but is does not illustrate what we are capable of in getting the human biospecimen samples you want. As mentioned in our services, BWB is also capable of launching custom collections.