Our services

BWB offers a single access point for a wide range of diseased and normal tissues. Our services benefit to Big Pharma, pharmaceutical, biotech, in vitro diagnostics and big data companies, and academia. Our task is to support biomedical research for the benefit of patients by providing high-quality specimens - among others: blood, sera, tissues (fresh, frozen or FFEP), urine, saliva...- and associated medical and biomolecular data compliant with international quality standards and regulations - so they can be used in a truthful and reproducible manner. We are at your service to leverage your research or to pursue the development of your in vitro diagnostic or laboratory-developed tests peacefully.


By simplifying the process of obtaining human biospecimen samples, BWB is making tangible difference in medical research. Learn more about BWB, our services and how we can help take your research to the next level.


Procurement of human biospecimen samples and associated data
Our platform provides rapid access to high-quality specimens and associated medical data, compliant with international quality standards and regulations.



Custom collections for your own research
You may not find what you need in our online searchable database, please contact us. Our mission is to help you in getting human samples that suit your queries.



Sample processing services
Our partners offer standardized and validated processing procedures to obtain various biological materials from human biospecimen samples.



Laboratory analytical services
Beside our virtual catalog allowing simplified search through our web portal, we also provide a range of other services from simple DNA quantification to immunohistochemistry.



Construction of tissue microarray blocks
Reliable detection of tissue molecular targets is essential for using their expression as a biomarker, which is arguably a central feature of the healthcare setting in the age of personalized medicine. BWB produces quality TMAs for your high-throughput molecular analysis.



Digital pathology
In the world of cancer, evaluating tissue specimens rather for clinical or research applications is essential to finding better answers. However conventional microscopy and traditional pathology interpretation can be restrictive. Learn about our digital pathology services and get in contact with us.



Sample storage
You don’t need to be a biobank to carry on your research activities on human samples. We could do it for you. We guarantee the safe storage of your samples and data ensuring they are never at risk.



Solving today’s worldwide health issues concerns all of us. At BWB, we are aiming at delivering richly characterized molecular samples and offering advisory services related to biobank operations. Discover our portfolio today.