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    Biothèque Wallonie Bruxelles
  • Metrics Matter

    Standards are part of our daily-life, locally and globally. They encourage confidence in new technologies and in multiple markets.

    Metrics Matter
  • At your Service

    Our front-office simplifies communication, streamlines internal approval processes and eases your access to high-quality specimen samples.

    At your Service
  • Our online searchable database

    BWB manages a tool to share aggregate information about human samples and their associated data hosted by the biobanks.

    Our online searchable database
  • For applied medical research

    BWB recognizes the increasing importance of biospecimens, which are becoming essential tools for the translation of our customer's research into new products.

    For applied medical research

By unifying biobanks from Wallonia-Brussels’ territory, Biothèque Wallonie Bruxelles (BWB) offers a complete and virtual marketplace for research services and customer products. To accelerate and enrich your research activities, we identify together your exact needs in human samples, connect you with our corresponding biobankers and remove all administrative hurdles related to samples procurement by filling out all forms. We do it all for you because your time is precious. Within our single point-of-contact platform, we streamline internal approval processes, while providing transparency both to you and our biobankers. BWB also ensures rapid access to high-quality specimens and associated medical/biomolecular data, compliant with international quality standards and regulations.

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